Purposeful Learning

I'm working on a position statement regarding how we might inform better decision making in engineering. I've titled it Accumulating Opportunity.

> If you want to make good decisions every day then you have to have a lot of good choices to draw from. Here we consider how to build that stockpile.

I'm drawing from Thompson Morrison's experience at Dayton public schools but translating his observations to software teminolog.

> Programmers make decisions all day long. We can count the number of relevant decisions made in a day and think of that as velocity. Some percentage of velocity will include decisions providing lasting value, another percentage only short-term gain.

I'm looking for the intersection of educational performance and critical systems as described by David Woods, et. al.

> High velocity comes from those who make critical decisions quickly. We say that these decision makers are "on point" or "at the sharp end" recognizing that they are rarely the most senior or most privileged in an organization.