Photographic Metaphor

Graphic representation is as old as cave paintings but the advent of the camera allowed casual production of detailed images. We dissect this as a metaphor for all technological expressions of worth.

Photography at its core is so simple. A lens, some emulsion, a sense of geometric form, thus is produced something of lasting value. The lens and emulsion are just refinements on a pinhole in a dark room.

To be satisfied making photographs one must understand some technological elements beyond the pinhole, but to master geometric form as a form of expression one is ready to start by just starting because the mechanism in play here, visual perception, is inside of all of us.

The metaphor has two parts, the person and the technology. The person has worth from life experience. The technology enables more complete, accurate and convenient expression of worth. As a consequence more worth is shared within a community.

Example: Sparkfun programmable electronic device kits where a variety of sensors and actuators are given purpose by assembling code blocks on a laptop. The resulting behavior in the real world is then the metaphoric photograph expressing the intent of its creator.

Example: Data center build and deploy automation where friction in a daily process is removed by committing more practice to scripts. The scripts not only do work but become part of the vocabulary of work like a photographic image of what once was done by hand.

See Holonic Systems for motivation.