Our Learning Pod

As we've asked more people to join us in our quest to explore Making the Future Together we find the need for some automation managing the list of participants.

With your all permission, I volunteer to maintain this transcludable roster.

Our Learning Pod code.fed.wiki wellspring.fed.wiki cory.tries.fed.wiki code.wiki.dbbs.co beth.learn.fed.wiki tim.learn.fed.wiki code.wiki.randombits.xyz david.tries.fed.wiki

You may find it convenient as I have to add this to a roster on your welcome page which you consult each time you write. Use this markup in a Roster that you make for this purpose.

ROSTER code.fed.wiki/our-learning-pod

The Roster plugin has many classroom and community oriented features. Read About Roster Plugin

We ask participants to create a site for the purpose of this conversation and identify yourself on the welcome page as is our custom. We welcome the forking of related content from other sites but ask that the context from our own writing be made clear. If this is new to you, ask for help.